Maintenance periodontal therapy.
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Arada, J. (2021). Maintenance periodontal therapy. Brazilian Journal of Implantology and Health Sciences , 3(5), 31-48.


Introduction: Maintenance is a fundamental phase of the therapy and prevention of periodontal diseases. The objectives of this review are: a) To determine what are the aspects of maintenance periodontal therapy; b) know the value of maintenance on the long-term results of periodontal treatment; c) review the risk factors of the patient, the tooth and the location; d) establish a protocol of action in the different situations.

Material, methods and results: To carry out this work, 46 scientific articles have been analyzed.

The MEDLINE and Cochrane databases were used for the search.

Discussion:The goals of maintenance therapy are to prevent the initiation and recurrence of periodontal diseases. Regardless of the type of treatment we perform, the clinical parameters will not improve if maintenance by the professional is not carried out. To establish the intervals for the appointments and the locations to be treated, it will be essential to assess the risk factors associated with the patient, the tooth and the location.
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